Mobile gaming devices are now everywhere, just like the people who use them. Mobile gaming is a niche industry and the competition is intense. One of the most popular mobile gaming devices today is the RIM BlackBerry Storm. The Storm’s great features make it a popular choice with BlackBerry users. Some of the most interesting gaming functions that the Storm offers are its:

As you can see, this phone gives you the ability to play everything that you could expect out of your regular gaming consoles. In order to really get the full effect of your mobile gaming experience though, you need to do more than just use your phone. Your device must also support some standard game controllers. Fortunately, RIM offers several gaming consoles that will be perfect for your mobile experience.

For example, the RIM BlackBerry Storm has two unique features that set it apart from the competition. One of those features is the GSMiphone Blackberry Stealth. It has been equipped with both a GSM modem and a low latency Bluetooth headset. Low latency is important in mobile gaming, because it means that you won’t experience screen tearing, which can cause stutters and freezes during game play. This also makes the game experience more realistic and fun to play.

The second feature that sets the RIM BlackBerry Storm apart is its compatibility with several popular handheld gaming devices including Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, and the iPhone. Although it’s not as well known or desired as the other popular mobile gaming devices, the Nintendo switch is getting some attention as well. The switch is actually a tablet-like device, but it also has a touch screen. Because it acts like a phone, it runs on the Apple iOS platform.

If you haven’t checked out the RIM BlackBerry Storm yet, you should check out the Apple store right now. They’re offering the phone at a ridiculously low price and there are over 40 apps for it already. Many of these apps were released a few months ago and aren’t featured on the official app stores, so you’ll have to search for them on third party app stores. If you’re looking for a great new and unique mobile gaming device, this is definitely the one to look out for.

The BlackBerry Storm isn’t the only new dedicated gaming phone on the block though. Nokia, Samsung, and LG have all recently released their own versions of the mobile gaming devices. Each one comes with their own unique and popular features. If you need a new phone that can take the place of your home gaming console, then make sure to look into the new dedicated gaming phones that are available. They’re sure to be one of the best investments that you make this holiday season.